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Getting a divorce can be one of the most painful processes in life for all those involved. Jess Legal near Sacramento can help you when it comes to divorce and separation issues. From property division to same-sex relationships, we can help. With knowledge and experience, we’ll walk you through the entire process and make sure you understand all of your options. Contact us today to get started!



  • No-fault divorce

  • Fault divorce

  • Collaborative divorce

  • Default divorce

  • Contested divorce

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

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No matter where you find yourself in the divorce process, you have a dedicated ally at Jess Legal. Leveraging years of experience and a well-earned reputation for getting results, our divorce and family law team considers it a privilege to be in your corner.

Property Division

In general, the property you own before marriage remains with you, but anything acquired after marriage and before the separation is subject to division by the courts. Keeping your interests front and center, Jess Legal near Sacramento goes the distance to make sure any property you shared with your former spouse is equitably divided. Let us guide you through dividing shared assets and debts, finding hidden assets, managing insurance policies, and determining what happens to the family home in your property division case.

Same-Sex Relationships

Dealing with LGBTQ issues in today’s world is ever changing. We have a comprehensive understanding of how to serve same-sex couples going through the legal process of divorce or child custody. We’re in it with you, making sure you get the legal support you need. Always professional, we don’t pull any punches when it comes to protecting your interests in a divorce or family law case.

Don’t go through this major change alone — let Jess Legal near Sacramento help. We look forward to serving you. Contact our divorce law team to learn more today.