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Dividing Property In a Divorce Requires Expertise

Divorces often end in bitterly, which affects the ability of the parties involved to make clear decisions. Jess Legal near Sacramento helps those going through a divorce with complex property division. Our mission is to help you obtain the most favorable outcome, whether you are dividing up retirement assets, a business, or an inheritance. We can help when you need it the most. For compassionate and attentive divorce lawyers, give us a call today!



  • Business

  • Inheritance

  • Community or Separate Property

  • Equipment

  • Buildings

  • Liquid Assets

Sacramento-Area Complex Property Division

When a relationship changes, other aspects have to change, too. At Jess Legal, we’re here to empower you to divide complex properties fairly and legally. Most importantly, we’re on a mission to protect your interests and foster a positive outcome. Whether you have multiple properties, companies, or investments, our property division lawyers are here to help ensure your interests are protected. Determined and skilled, we’re the ally you want by your side.


Bringing more than eight years of experience to the table, we give you the resources and clout required to navigate business division with excellence. Always keeping an eye on your future, we go the distance to make sure you’re set up for success.


Under California law, inheritance is considered separate property. If the inheritance is mixed with community property, the division becomes more complex.

Community and Separate Property

Anything acquired before marriage, after separation, and by gift, inheritance, or bequest is usually considered separate property. Anything acquired during marriage, including income from wages, is considered community property. Committed to seeing every process through the complex property division process, we handle property divisions with assertiveness and determination. Breathe a sigh of relief, and let us do the heavy lifting.

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